Our services

Cake suppliers

We supply cakes and tray bakes to local shops, cafes, pubs and venues in Manchester. If you are interested in stocking our cakes please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Occasion Cakes

When we have space in our ovens we are happy to bake cakes for special occasions. These cakes are double layered and simply decorated with piped icing. If you would like we can also write a message of your choice on top! Get in touch early to avoid disappointment.

Special Diets

We specialise in baking cakes for people with specific dietary needs. Many of our cakes are vegan. We also offer gluten-free options as well as cakes that are free from processed cane sugar. Please let us know what your needs are and we will do our best to find a cake that is right for you.



About The Black Cat Cakery

We are a small business that prides itself on baking delicious hand-made, no-frills, mostly vegan cakes.

We supply our cakes to local shops and cafés in the Manchester area, including:

Unicorn Grocery, On the Eighth Day Café, MMU cafés, Chapter One Books, Ezra & Gil, Hampton & Vouis, Rapha, The Molly House, Freaky Shakes, Grano, Z-Arts Café, The Font Chorlton, The Beagle, The Spoon Inn, Into The Woods, The Metropolitan Didsbury, Pres, Village Greens Co-op, Farrar’s Cafe, Manchester Vegan Cafe and various other places in Manchester, UK.
Cakes are hand-made to order including many that meet special dietary requirements (vegan, free from dairy, free from gluten and free from refined cane sugars).




Having worked in sustainability and in workers’ cooperatives in the past, we care very much about shopping for ingredients ethically as well as locally, and are very aware of our carbon and environmental footprint.  We like to bake for places that care about these things too. Many of our ingredients are sourced from Unicorn Grocery in Chorlton and Suma, which gives us confidence in the quality and ethicality of products. Products that we cannot source from Unicorn and Suma we buy locally from independent shops whenever possible. We compost all of our food waste and recycle all paper, cardboard, tins, glass and plastic.



What our clients say

“It feels like my tummy’s been kissed.”

Evie Wilcock

“A mere glance at the vegan peanut butter chocolate brownie and I yoinked one to take away. I’m currently chowing down on it and was thinking of saving some for the other half, but he won’t get a look in. Vegan? How? No butter? It’s one of the finest brownies I’ve ever tasted! (And I make an *excellent* brownie.)”

Emma Louise

“That cake is insane!”

“Hello I was just writing to say thank you very much for the cake you made for my mum. It was there on time, beautifully made and tasted delicious. Coming from a big family of vegans all my family were impressed with the cake and we will definitely be ordering from you again. Thank you so much.”

Amy Taher [email protected]
Unicorn Grocery